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 Review the Story Guidelines 

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Recipe for a winning God's Amazing Miracles story submission

A God's Amazing Miracles story is an inspirational, supernatural, true story that demonstrates God's amazing love for his people. about everyday believers having supernatural experiences both big and small in daily life.  It is a story that opens the heart, ignites faith and rekindles hope. We want people to see and feel God’s presence in everything from mind-blowing miracles to seeing His hand in our everyday lives. It is a simple piece that touches our readers and helps them discover basic principles they can use in their own lives. 

Guidelines for a God's Amazing Miracles story

  1. Stories must be true and about a specific incident or series of incidents. 

  2. Be told in first person.

  3. Draw the reader in from the first sentence.

  4. Help the reader feel a part of the story by including vivid thoughts, feelings, descriptions, and any of the five senses. 

  5. Word count should be 150-1,200 words.

  6. Encourage others in the goodness of God.

  7. Leave people feeling a sense of awe, delight or wonder of God’s mighty love and presence.

  8. You may submit multiple testimonies or stories.

Story-writing suggestions:

  1. Tell the reader what life was like before God’s intervention

  2. What feelings, challenges, limitations or stressors did you face?

  3. What fears did you have, if any?

  4. If you received a physical healing, what kind of symptoms and struggles did you have? 

  5. Who else was affected by the problem? 

  6. What did you pray for, who prayed for you, or how did you receive your miracle?

  7. Did you feel anything as God was touching your life? (e.g., heat, tingling, electrical sensation, etc.)

  8. How have you been blessed since then? How has your life changed?

  9. What are you most grateful for? 

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