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we tell supernatural God-stories from everyday believers

Your story has the power to inspire,

impact, and change someone's life...

Most people have no outlet beyond their friends or family to share their life-changing testimonies. Tragically, many stories never reach the people that need them most.

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We are writing a book and want to publish your story!

 Hi, I'm Dr. Donna Gates and this is Kim Dickson! We are gathering true testimonies from ministries and believers around the globe that are inspirational, supernatural, and that demonstrate God’s amazing love for His people. We want people to see and feel God’s presence in everything from mind-blowing miracles to seeing His hand in our everyday lives. If you have a story about God that you love to tell, please join us in sharing God’s Amazing Miracles.  

a year from now someone picking up a book and reading your story and their heart exploding with joy and faith for their own miracle!

Just Imagine...

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Marquetta's Story

I was wheelchair Bound for 13 years and then...


In 2004, after being in a wheelchair for thirteen years, I was instantly healed of a progressive, incurable condition called Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD). There is no cure for RSD and it is progressive which means it gets worse as time goes on. This is my testimony of how I was healed of this condition and what helped me receive my healing. 

"Telling others about the miracles in your life makes God more real to them. As people hear about God's supernatural acts, they start to expect and see the extraordinary happen in their own lives." 

Bill Johnson
Light and Shadow

We want to publish your story

Your Testimony is the Key to

Someone's Breakthrough! 

Blue Skies

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"Worship God, for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy."

-Revelation 19:10

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