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 Review the Story Guidelines 

For Salvation, Physical &  Emotional Healing Stories & Deliverance

Welcome to God’s Amazing Miracles submission form.


We are excited that you are here, and we can’t wait to read your God story. We welcome your submissions, and we invite you to share as many stories as you like. 


What is a God's Amazing Miracle Story?


A God's Amazing Miracles story is an inspirational, supernatural, true story that demonstrates God's outrageous love for his people through miracles, blessings, protection, provision, emotional healing, physical healing, deliverance and creative miracles. It is a story that opens the heart, ignites faith, and rekindles hope. 


These stories are written by everyday believers who are having both big and small  

supernatural experiences through the power of the Holy Spirit. 


Our heart’s desire is for people to see God’s hand in healing, and we can’t wait to hear what He is doing in your life. We are excited to share your story with the world, and we rejoice in His goodness.


Recipe for a winning God's Amazing Miracles story submission


Stories must:


  • Testify of the love of Jesus and bring glory to God.

  • Be true.

  • Be about a specific incident or series of related incidents. 

  • Be told in first person, and be about you or someone close to you.

  • Draw the reader in from the first sentence.

  • Be written in past tense.

  • Be written in English.

  • Be from one paragraph to 1,200 words.

  • Encourage others in the goodness of God.

  • Leave people feeling a sense of awe, delight or wonder of God’s mighty love and presence.


What God stories are not:


  • A sermon, Bible teaching, or devotional writing.

  • Journal entries or revelation from the Holy Spirit.


Additional story-writing suggestions for your God Story 


  • It may only take a paragraph to tell your story. 

  • Use feeling words. 

  • Draw on the five senses so the reader feels as if he or she is watching. 

  • Tighten your text for more powerful impact. 


Story-writing suggestions For Your Salvation Story, Emotional Healing, Physical Healing, Deliverance, and Creative Miracles


1. Beginning: Describe Your Struggle

  • Tell the reader what life was like for you before God’s intervention

  • What challenges, limitations or stressors did you face? (e.g., physical limitations, addiction, social issues, unemployment, etc.) 

  • If you received a physical healing, what symptoms and physical limitations did you have? 

  • What emotions or fears did you struggle with (e.g., worry, anxiety, depression, anger, etc.)

  • Who else was affected by the problem?

  • How long did you struggle? 

  • What solutions did you try? 

  • What did you believe life would be like for you and your family over the long-run? 

  • Help the reader feel a part of the story by including vivid thoughts, feelings, descriptions, ​

2. Middle: Describe Your Salvation Prayer or Your Healing Prayer

  • Describe your miracle and how you got it

  • Did you pray or did someone pray for you?  Or maybe you were healed during worship? 

  • How did you/they pray? What was said in prayer?

  • Did you feel anything as God was touching your life? (e.g., heat, tingling, electrical sensation, etc.)

  • Did you see anything (e.g., flesh heal, limb grow out, tumor fall off, etc.)


3. End: Life Since Your Healing


  • How have you been blessed since then?

  • How has your life changed?

  • How have your fears and worries changed?

  • What are you most grateful for?

Story Submission Form

Story Submission
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