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24 Years of Migraines Gone!

Updated: Feb 23

My migraines started when I was 38-years old. I was debilitated three or four days a week. Along with the migraines, I had dysregulated mood swings with depressive lows and exhilarated highs. When I was depressed, I would lay in bed in the dark, wanting to die. The doctor prescribed medication that worked for a while but made me emotionally numb.

I was so sick, I had to give up homeschooling our children. My husband and I loved socializing but I couldn’t be reliable. It seemed like I wanted to read the Word, but I didn’t have the energy or self-control to follow through. My life was crippled and stagnant.

We moved from New York to Raleigh, and a friend and her husband came to town for a Global Awakening conference. We all went to the Friday night meeting, but I stayed home with a migraine on Saturday. My friend called and said, “You won’t believe this, but the woman I sat next to has her testimony in Randy Clark’s book, and she had the exact issue as you!” The woman told my friend it was demonic oppression, and she had been delivered.

I had been raised to believe that Christians can’t have demons on them like that. Driving back to the meeting, all I could think was, ‘ewe, ewe, ewe!’! We found a private place where the woman and her husband started deliverance ministry. They told me I needed to find someone to complete the process. At home, I couldn’t find anyone to help until my friend invited me to go to a Christian camp in Virginia where they were doing deliverance ministry. The woman suggested they start with me since I lived the furthest away.

During ministry, she told the spirits there were not allowed to speak. I broke down crying, knowing that the open door involved an issue with my father. I thought things were good with my dad, but there was something I needed to forgive him of. I repented and I was delivered from the spirit that was causing the migraines!

The minister told me when I got home the demon would likely try to come back and to rebuke it in Jesus’ name. At home, I got intense migraine pain. I rebuked it, and it left as quickly as it came. After a few more times, it never came back.

I had migraines for 24 years before I was delivered by the healing grace of Jesus, and my life has been fully restored. I can make plans and keep them, and I can’t live without my time with the Lord. Working all things together for good, God established me as an intercessor during my illness. I now have a street ministry where people join me in front of the Courthouse where we pray for and have an impact on the lives of many people. I am healed, delivered, and set free!

Katie Salberg

Courtside Ministry

Raleigh, NC

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