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4 Year Old Boy Lays Hands on the Sick

Four Year old boy lays hands on the sick
Samuel with his Mom and Dad

I ministered a lot in Mexico as an ordained minister for United in Christ. They do Christmas with Jesus every year, distributing gift bags for kids with toiletries, school supplies and a little toy.

Our son was almost 4 years old, and he had grown up around the Brownsville Revival Charismatic movement. He was running around after the Sunday service, having fun, sucking on a lollipop, when he came up and said, “Dad, I got a word from the Lord.” I grabbed a chair for him to stand on, gathered people around and asked, “What do you got, Son?”

He said, “I want to pray for the people of Mexico.”

“Okay, what’s the word you got?”

“I just want to pray for the people in Mexico.”

That wasn’t the revelatory word I was expecting.

The next day we were going to soup kitchen where my wife was giving her testimony. Praise and worship was in Spanish, and the local pastors interpreted for us. At the end of worship, our almost 4-year old was standing with the two pastors. People were looking around when all of a sudden 20 people stood up, walked forward and formed a line. I asked what was going on. They said our son wanted to pray for people, so the pastor asked for anyone needing healing to come forward and the 4-year old will pray for you.

I picked up my son, trying to be serious. I told him these people want to be healed and you said you wanted to pray for them. He said, “Okay dad. Where’s the anointing oil?” I had it in my pocket, and we went to front of line.

The first person came up, and my son said, “What’s their name, Dad?” He had learned a couple words in Spanish, including “fire.” He laid his hands on people saying, “Fuego” and people started to fall out in the Spirit! We went down the row and he prayed for every person to be healed. Indeed, the kingdom of God belongs to little children.

Ted Rockwell

Ordained minister

United in Christ Ministries International

Clover, SC

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