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They Flew the Coop

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

The chickens had flown the coop. It started with the white one. Dusk came and instead of heading back inside the coop, she chose instead to fly into a nearby tree. It didn’t take long before the entire flock would fly into the tree every evening. But winter was coming. I needed to get them back in the coop, and I needed a new bale of straw for bedding. Locating a single bale of straw is one of those things that lingers on the To-Do list; an irritant. It would pop into my mind, hover there, get disregarded, and then present a little while later. The biggest issue was that I didn’t know where to get one. Probably a feed store, but I needed to look one up, give them a call, see if they sell that sort of thing. If not, I could try to locate a farmer, call him, ask if he has one bale to spare. “You’re gonna have to do it really soon,” I kept thinking. One morning on the way to work, I said, “Lord, I need a bale of straw. Can you help me out here? Who should I call?” I didn’t hear anything, which brought me back to my original plan of calling a feed store or a farmer. That night, I was driving home from work, which took an hour and forty-five minutes, came around a curve, and there in the middle of the road right at an intersection was a single bale of straw! I pulled over, and there was not a car coming in any direction as I retrieved it from the middle of the road. He loves to make things easy!

#Godsprovision #Godsamazingmiracles

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