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God’s Breath in His Lungs

My 18-month old son, Israel, was sitting in his booster seat at the table while I began preparing a craft project for my children. As I turned my back, he fell out of his seat, landing pretty hard on the floor. He cried, and I ran to pick him up but he became stiff. I thought maybe I had picked him up too quickly because he seemed paralyzed.

My baby wasn’t breathing! Scrambling to find my phone, I rehearsed the number. 1-1-9. Pull yourself together. Focus.

“9-1–1. What’s your emergency?”

“My child fell and he’s not breathing!”

She asked if I knew CPR. I put my hand on my son’s chest and just said, “Jesus. Jesus. Jesus!” Israel began breathing!

All praise and glory goes to my God who is able, even when I didn’t have the words to pray. Jesus met me where I was, and He gave breath back into my son’s lungs!

-Sarah, Maine

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