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God Told us to Move & it Saved Our Lives

My son has always loved trains. When he was 8 years old we traveled from Texas to Virginia to visit friends, and I called ahead to the

Norfolk Southern Railway to see if I could get some surprises for him.

When we arrived, I went to check in. The railway had put together a gift bag for my son, and my wife took him to the museum to look through the bag. As I was standing at the desk in the gift shop, I heard the Holy Ghost say, “Go move your family.”

I went over to them, pointed to a bench about 15 feet away, and said, “Why don’t you go sit on that bench?” Within one minute, we heard a crash. A huge receded light fell from the 20-foot ceiling directly where my family had been standing.

The previous night, I asked my son to pick a souvenir from the gift shop. He wanted a shirt with all 20 Heritage Unit locomotives on it, but I couldn’t find one. Then he got more specific and said he wanted a white T-shirt that said “Norfolk Southern Railway” on the front left chest, and pictures of each of the 20 Heritage Unit locomotives on the back. He also found a pin set with the same 20 locomotives in a velvet display case. Since that souvenir was pricey I suggested he get a cap instead.

After the light had fallen, we looked to see what the Railway had given him free of charge. I saw something white and pulled out a shirt that was exactly the one he had asked for! The pin set was in there as well! It was one of those moments when God said, “I know the desires of your heart and I love you.”

Ted Rockwell

Ordained minister

United in Christ Ministries International

Clover, SC

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