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God Used a Prayer Cloth to Heal our Son

Before we moved to Texas and our friends moved to Missouri, we ministered together. They didn’t have family there, and we felt God wanted us to drive up, spend a couple of days, and love on them. The day before we were to leave, our 6-year-old son got the flu.

Two weeks earlier, I received a phone message from my sister-in-law’s pastor saying I needed to come to their Sunday night service. We had only been to their church a couple of times, and we didn’t have a relationship with them, so it felt odd. For whatever reason, I felt I needed to go. There was nothing unusual about the service; no special announcements or special prayers. At the end they brought up a basket of left-over cloth that they had anointed and distributed the previous week. They offered for people to take some, and I went up and grabbed two.

Two weeks later, I was putting our sick son to bed just as he threw up. I remembered those prayer clothes. I put one under his shirt and let him sleep with it.

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Samuel with Parents Ted and Susan

I had a Christian network playing on television, and I heard a voice say, “Someone has just aligned their agreement of faith for healing.” The pastor from the church I had visited was on TV!

I froze, and called to my wife, “You’ve got to come hear this!”

The next morning, our son was completely healed! He jumped out of bed and said, “Are we ready to go?” No fever. No vomiting. No illness.

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