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Healed of a White Water Rafting Head Injury

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

I hadn’t seen my friend from college in many years, and I was excited by her offer to take me whitewater rafting on my birthday. There was a dam release on the Kennebec River, and my friend and I were in a raft with a family from out of state. Maytag Rapid is a deep hole with a wave that is known to catch boats and flip them. Other guides went around this rapid, but our guide said, “Let’s go through it.” Our boat dropped into the hole, but we didn’t penetrate the wall of water. The wave stood our boat on end, and all 10 of us were dumped out of the back into the churning water. Several people landed on me, pushing me below the water, and slamming the base of my neck against a rock. I surfaced way down the water, dazed but still holding my paddle. I was picked up by another raft, and then returned to my boat. Because I was with people in the raft that I either didn’t know, or didn’t know well, and I didn’t say anything about my the pain in the base of my skull.

Back at home, I returned to my routine, working 60 hours a week with a client. There were changes that I adapted to. The bump on the back of my skull swelled when it was humid. I made sure to keep the air conditioner on because I felt better and my thinking was more clear when it was cooler. I kept water and Advil by my bed because of the massive headaches I would wake up with. The pain would be so bad, I would feel sick to my stomach. Sleeping on my side helped, so I tried to stay in that position. Before I was injured, I walked 4 miles a day, but I had to stop because walking caused pain. I gained weight. I wanted to go on mission trips, but I couldn’t travel feeling sick and had a lot of symptoms to manage.

During Covid, I started listening to the Joy Portal. After 2 weeks of rain and humidity, my head was throbbing. Sitting in the living room on Saturday, I said, “I wish God would heal my head.”

The next Tuesday, I was listening to the Joy Portal and a man read a word of knowledge for a listener. He said, “Someone has a bump on your head. During rain and humidity, it swells. Sleep is a problem and you wake up with headaches. God is healing you right now.”

That’s me! That word is for me! I typed in the response bar, “I receive it. This is me!”

I got up the next day, and when I was washing my hair, I noticed that the bump was gone! My head was clear. The headaches completely stopped, and I could sleep on my back! I don’t have to take Advil day and night.

I am now more active and losing weight. I have more joy and opportunities that were closed to me are now opening up. I can go on walks again. And because of God’s mercy, love and healing, my husband and I are going on a mission trip to Iraq!

Michelle Kenney

Fairfield, Maine

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