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My First Angelic Encounter

My first encounter with angels came in a small country church in the early 1990s. A friend of mine, Nana Betty, was starting a community food pantry, and she invited several women to gather to pray for it. We spread around the sanctuary, and I was in the first pew on the right.

It wasn't long after we started to pray quietly to ourselves that I heard and felt a soft fluttering of wings. I open

ed my eyes to see if a bird had flown into the sanctuary, but froze in astonishment. Standing against the wall to my left was a giant, fair-haired man, and standing to my right was a giant, auburn h

aired man. The top of their heads touched the 20-foot cathedral ceilings, and their huge legs went through the floor to the basement. They had matching beards and stood like statues, perfectly still.

I knew these were angels sent from God

, and they were there to ensure that our prayers for the Food Bank were answered. A few weeks after this encounter, our prayers were answered. Nana Betty’s Food Bank became so successful it expanded to meals for the elderly and shut-ins. And I became aware of the power of angelic presence in ushering in God’s plans and purposes for the Kingdom.

April Panosian, Maine USA

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