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No Growing Pains

My 13-year old daughter came to the kitchen door and said, “Look at this.” She showed me how when her right foot was on the floor and she held her left foot straight, it didn’t even come close to touching the floor. “This leg is too short,” she said patting her left leg. She said she had been having back, shoulder, and neck pain and now she knew why. Her leg had never been shorter, and I assumed it was a cock-eyed growth spurt. My mind starting racing to the possible solutions: Massage therapy? The chiropractor? An orthopedic specialist? An orthopedic surgeon? Worst-case scenarios quickly flooded in. Then I thought, “Jesus!” I asked her to sit on the floor with her legs out straight. I touched her left leg, and said, ”Grow out in Jesus’ name.” We watched as her leg bumped along the floor until it was in perfect alignment with the other one. She said it felt like a tug inside but did not hurt. No massage therapist. No chiropractor. No orthopedic specialist, and no surgery. Just the love and compassion of Jesus!

-Donna Gates

#Godsamazingmiracles #legsgrowingout #supernaturalhealing

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