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One Man, Three Healings

The Anglican church in England where I was preaching had seen the power of God in the late 80s or early 90s when John Wimber was alive. It had been a long time since they had seen miracles, and we were wanting to stir that well of healing. I preached my heart out one night, including myself and our team giving words of knowledge. Our team prayed for people, but it was a hard night and we weren’t seeing much happen.

A few months later in the next January, the church was excited about having us come back, and I didn’t really understand why since we didn’t see much, I thought. Then they said, “We are expecting God to do stuff like He did last time. Like what God did for Barry.”


“Yeah, Barry got healed that night you preached.”

We hadn’t heard anything about it. Barry was diabetic with neuropathy in his feet so bad that he was confined to a wheelchair, and he couldn’t walk.

I interviewed him later, and he said that night he was trying to get upfront to have me pray for him, but he couldn’t get through in his wheelchair. An older lady asked if she could help him, and he told her he needed to get upfront for prayer. She told him she would pray for him, and when she did, he got up and out of his wheelchair. There was this big event going on in the back of the church, but there wasn’t a whole lot going on at the front.

Barry lived in a retirement community, and the next day he walked to the village to get coffee, something he had not done in a long time. His doctor was excited about the miracle and did tests and not only was his neuropathy healed, but his cirrhosis of the liver was healed too!

When Barry was telling me the story of what happened when we were there previously he then said, “I got healed last night.” I asked what happened. He said, “I’m deaf in one ear. I like to listen to the radio but I have to lay my bad ear so my good ear is on top so I could listen to the radio. A lady put her hands on my head and prayed for me. However, she wasn’t praying for healing in the ear. She was praying for something else. When I went home, I laid down on my good ear in the pillow and realized that I could now hear the radio with my deaf ear! I can hear!”

Rodney Hogue

Author, Forgiveness, and

Liberated: Set Free and Staying Free from Demonic Strongholds

International teacher and speaker

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