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Raised from the Dead!

That morning in 2012, my wife and I went to The Dwelling Place, our home

church in Irving, Texas. My wife had a severe back ache. Two ladies came up and

were praying for her during worship when, all of a sudden, we heard a blood-

curdling scream. “He’s dead! He’s dead! My husband is dead!”, yelled the grieving


Her husband had fallen across three seats; four RN’s ran to check on him. He

had no pulse and his bodily fluids were already eliminating. He was dead. 

Upon hearing the wife’s scream, my wife ran to her husband. She began to declare,

“Live in Jesus’ name! Live! Live! You will live and not die!” 

Within seconds the worship came to a halt as the congregation turned to the

commotion. We had a guest minister that morning. He encouraged us with these

words: “Keep worshiping! We need the presence of God in this place! Press in!

Exalt God!”

After a couple of minutes, the man spit up a black substance and sat up perfectly in

his seat! He looked at my wife and, with humility, said, “Thank you! Thank you so


The nurses got him cleaned up before the paramedics came and strapped him to a

stretcher, and then took him to the hospital for evaluation. He was released two to

three hours later.

His wife had been praying for him to know Jesus for at least twenty years. We had

never seen him in church before. I am unsure as to the reason he decided to attend

service that day – on that day, though, he was raised from the dead. 

To our utter amazement, this man became e most active evangelist I have ever

seen. Everywhere he went, he told people, “I was raised from the dead! They

prayed for me. God is real! You have to come to this church!” 

In the midst of the commotion, God also healed my wife’s back. We tend to get

focused on what’s wrong with us physically, and it can consume our faith. As she

ran to a man with the greater need, even though she could barely walk, God healed

her as well. 

Dr. Bill Faught

McAlester, OK

International Author and Conference Speaker

Founder, Legacy of Worship International

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