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Supernatural Provision of Land

The smell of the evergreens, the song of the birds, and the magnificent vistas drew me into God’s Presence. The Holy Spirit inspired me to go for a walk in our rural Maine village on that fall morning in 2012. When I returned home, He told me to go sit on the ocean side of our home. Watching the schooners sail, I praised God for His peace and the joy of His Presence.

There was a wooded lot next to us that was owned by people whom we had never met. My husband and I had been concerned for years about someone building on it and disrupting our peace and serenity. He had tried to contact the owners to ask for right of first refusal if they ever decided to sell, and twice they refused. We had not contacted them in years and we hadn’t discussed it in a long time.

Sitting on the porch, the Holy Spirit slowly turned my head to the right. He said, “Declare that land to be yours.”

I declared the land to be ours. And then I went about my day not thinking anymore about it.

That afternoon, my husband asked me to go on the porch for a glass of wine. He suddenly said, “I think I’ll contact the people who own that lot next door to see if they might be interested in selling now.” I had said nothing to him my morning walk with the Holy Spirit, or the declaration I had made.

The next morning the phone rang. The prior evening, the land owners contacted the neighbor on the other side of the lot to see if he wanted to buy it! We split the purchase of the land, assuring us both that no one would build on that property and disrupt our peace and serenity.

God knows the desires of our hearts! And because He is always working all things together for our good, He orchestrated this sale to bless us with the privacy that makes our home such a sanctuary! Jane Dobson Owls Head, ME

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