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Third-Degree Burns Supernaturally Healed

I had given my life to the Lord two weeks earlier when Evangelist David Ring came to the Pentecostal church I was attending with my wife. Having been raised Catholic, I had not been familiar with healing or the power of the Holy Spirit.

It was April 1995. I was driving to the store to return a video rental when my car broke down. I know vehicles, and I know never to take the radiator cap off the vehicle when it’s hot. But I decided to turn it one notch to let steam off. I was on the side of the vehicle looking directly down at the radiator cap when it exploded. Screaming with my hands on my face, in pain and agony, I was thinking, “I just gave my life to you Lord, and you’re going to allow this to happen to me?!”

I clearly heard the Lord say, “Open your eyes.”

I opened my eyes and realized that the water coming out of the radiator had split, hitting mostly my left shoulder and some on my right arm. But my face was completely protected.

I sustained third degree burns on my left arm. They said I would need Physical Therapy in an attempt to minimize scarring.

Supernatural Healing of Third Degree Burns
Ted & his Wife Susan

Because I couldn’t wear a shirt at the beginning, we didn’t go to church for several weeks. When I did go out, I was told to wear a loose-fitting shirt so as not to break the blisters and risk infection.

The first time back to church my wife and I were sitting in the back pew, because we were back pew Christians at the time. I was feeling this new way to worship. As we sang “I feel the touch of angel wings, I see glory on his face,” I felt a warm sensation going down my left arm. I thought the blister had just broken and asked my wife for a tissue. Wiping my arm, there was nothing there.

My wife saw me crying. I said, “I just got healed. I think God just healed me.” And God did heal me. I never needed Physical Therapy, and I have no scarring. Glory to God!

Ted Rockwell

Ordained minister, United in Christ Ministries International

Clover, SC

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