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Tiny Ears Open

Our first son was born on March 3, 2016. While at the hospital, I walked around and prayed for those who were sick, and the Lord headed people of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, pain, and other ailments. In the midst of these miracles, a nurse came into my wife’s room and said that our baby was apparently deaf in his right ear because it was not responding. I was seeing Jesus heal all the time, but I said, “Lord! What do we do?!”

I placed my hands over our baby’s ears and simply prayed, “Ears open in Jesus’ name.”

The nurse came and took our baby for more tests. Twenty-five minutes later she came back in the room and said, “I have good news, and I have bad news.” I asked for the bad news. She said, “He has a blow-out diaper. The good news is his ears are 100%.” Our son hears and we have a miracle baby!

Bryant Borges

Founder and CEO, The Face of Jesus

Author of The Face of Jesus

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